Designing hospital experience for people

Breathing hard, you walk in through the door someone generously held open for you. With the hand that is not holding the cane, you try to fix your glasses so that you can read the direction to the optical department that is barely readable from 2 feet away. You make it to the waiting area about 20 minutes earlier even though you made 3 wrong turns by misreading signs, because ever since your 70th birthday, you try to come an hour early to every event since it usually takes longer to get somewhere nowadays. As you open your ears wide…

Rethinking Amazon mobile’s “add to cart” interaction in regards to skeuomorphism

IxD and Design Principles

I recently learned about Nielson Norman, Don Norman, and other people’s designer principles that are meant for, or can be used in interaction design in UX context.

Regarding my interest in motion design, I wanted to try recreating the feeling of adding something to the cart in real life. Also, I wanted to use this opportunity to explore creating a design system (within the “add to cart” interaction) beyond static elements.

Existing Issues

Becoming quick to listen and slow to speak

Many of the products and service created nowadays don’t seem to pay much attention to in-person interaction as much as it is necessary. I believe face-to-face communication is a big part of human development, social satisfaction, and especially, an essential way of learning how to respect and empathize with one another.

Against this trend, I wanted to work on a personal UX project that is meant to enhance the aspect of in-person conversation in people’s everyday lives. I was initially motivated by a bible verse.

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen…

Persuading the client to do what you want

For this project my classmates and I were given the choices to pick a brand, research its essence and direction, create ideas for pop and prototype, and present in front of the client (not the actual company, but classmates and guests pretending to be the company).

I approached this project as a way to explore my recently realized interest, futuristic visual effects and generative coding. This was the reason I chose Tesla, because I could see such type of visualizations being used for the brand.

Research Phase

I had another classmate, Vicky Zhou, as a partner. Our goal was to understand the…

Creating a Map of the City

In Junior Environments studio, our first exercise is to design a “map” of Pittsburgh, presenting ephemeral information about the city in a visually intriguing way.


We came up with different candidate ideas for the first class. I brought few ideas on to the table, and then realized many of them were not about the city, but an individual, which is irrelevant to the goal. Information about a location or time of the day one wants the time to go slower is an example. …

Chang Jun Cho

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